The Ocean Race Summit Stockholm

1 June 2022 | 16.00 - 19.30 CEST

The Ocean Race Summit Stockholm harnesses the ambition and determination of the Race to drive the change we need for a healthy ocean, with a focus on the phenomenal force that is the Southern Ocean. The Ocean Race has a strong connection to this incredible region. As one of the wildest parts of the planet, it has been a source of fear and fascination for sailors since the Race began in 1973. During The Ocean Race 2022-23 the Southern Ocean will be the backdrop for the longest leg in the race’s 50-year history, with teams sailing through the hostile waters for a month. Not only is it our racetrack, the Southern Ocean also plays an oversized role in maintaining the health of the planet. Protecting it is vital, which is why we are using the power of our sport to help to raise awareness of this important region and accelerate action to protect it.

The ocean is the source of all life on Earth, but it is overlooked and overexploited. Recognising the inherent rights of the ocean could hold the answer to effectively protecting it and shift the perception of how we treat the ocean, from a resource to use and exploit, to a vital, complex, system that fuels all life on the planet. The Southern Ocean is at the heart of this. Safeguarding this key area and recognising its rights is critical, not just to the health of the ocean globally, but to the health of the entire planet. This year there is a crucial opportunity to recognise the ocean’s rights through one of the most significant acts of ocean protection in history: large-scale marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean.

However, protection of the Southern Ocean has stalled for years, and the present geopolitical situation is not making that any easier. This is why The Ocean Race and the Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition have joined forces for The Ocean Race Summit Stockholm, Racing to protect the Southern Ocean. The event will ensure the importance of the protection of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is recognised and actioned on the eve of the Stockholm +50 conference.

The Ocean Race Summit will help to advance new and improved policies to protect and govern the seas. At the heart of this is the proposal to recognise the inherent rights of the ocean and to reflect this in ocean policy and governance for the seas.

The event will celebrate the power and interdependence Earth’s systems have on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, highlighting the importance of the protection of this white continent and its surrounding waters.

Leading voices who are working to protect Antarctica and the Southern Ocean will feature at the Summit, alongside decision-makers, scientists and sailors, who have unrivalled experiences of the Southern Ocean.

The Summit will showcase inspiring examples of best practices that help to address the threats to the marine world and, at the same time, highlight the need for ocean rights.

The Ocean Race Summit Stockholm is part of a series of 12 Summits, which are together building towards an ambitious goal of driving a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights. Ocean rights can only be achieved if they are embraced at a global scale, which is why The Ocean Race is working to gather support and momentum for the concept with key decision-makers and ocean advocates.