Danni Washington


Danni Washington is a renowned television host and science communicator. She is the first African-American woman to host a nationally broadcast, syndicated science television series and currently hosts The Genius Generation podcast. Danni also served as a correspondent on CBS's Mission Unstoppable and host of Xploration Nature Knows Best on FOX.



Helen Ågren

Ambassador for the Ocean, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Helen Ågren is the Ambassador for the Ocean at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Ms. Ågren has been working at the Swedish Government Offices for over 20 years in various positions on issues such as green economy, consumption and production, climate mitigation and adaptation, research, innovation and local investment programs.


Lisa Blair

Australian adventurer, author and multi world record holding sailor

Lisa is currently sailing solo around the Southern Ocean with the goal to set the overall speed record of sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica. Her campaign is all about climate action and raising awareness, she also has The Ocean Race’s science equipment onboard to measure microplastics in the Southern Ocean!


Richard Brisius

Race Chairman of The Ocean Race

Richard Brisius has played a significant role in the offshore racing scene, with experience of both competing in and managing campaigns for nine editions of The Ocean Race, stretching back to 1989-90. Richard now heads up the organisation with long-term business partner Johan Salen and together they have launched ‘Racing with Purpose’: an award winning sustainability programme.


Sebastian Copeland

Polar explorer, climate analyst, photographer and Ulysse Nardin Ambassador

Sebastian Copeland was named as one of the world's top 25 adventurers of the last 25 years in 2017. His photography has been noted for outstanding artistic merit that communicates messages of urgent global significance. Copeland has led numerous expeditions to document the endangered Polar regions, covering more than 6,000 miles on skis over the ice. Since 2000, he has warned of systemic transformations taking place in the polar regions and their geo-economic consequences.


Minna Epps

Head of IUCN’s Marine and Polar team

Minna Epps is the Head of IUCN’s Marine and Polar team, in the IUCN Conservation Action Centre. She oversees the operations and development of IUCN's Marine & Polar work by seeking new strategic partnerships.


Dr Ari Friedlander

Ecologist & Professor, Ocean Sciences & Institute of Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Ari Friedlaender is a Professor in the Ocean Sciences department at UC Santa Cruz. Ari's research focuses on developing new tools to study the underwater behaviour of marine animals, understand the impacts of human activities on their ecology, and use this information to create conservation action to protect the marine ecosystem. Ari has worked in the Antarctic for 25 years having made more than 40 trips to the region to develop one of the longest running studies on marine mammals in the Antarctic.


Jakob Granit

Director General for the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, SwAM, and the Chair of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, CCAMLR.

Jakob Granit is Director General at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwaM). SwAM is a national government agency with overall responsibility for the implementation of freshwater, ocean and fisheries management from source-to-sea.


Andrea Kavanagh

Director of Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Southern Ocean Campaign

Andrea Kavanagh directs Pew’s efforts to protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, one of the world’s last great wilderness areas, including frigid waters with species found nowhere else and millions of penguins that depend on krill and other forage food. In her previous work at Pew, Kavanagh managed the marine aquaculture campaign, the Antarctic krill conservation project, and the campaign on protecting the deep sea.


Gurra Krantz

Offshore sailor, owner of Gåshaga Marina, Stockholm

Gunnar ‘Gurra’ Krantz is one of Sweden’s most experienced and merited professional skippers having participated in two Americas Cup, three Whitbread Round the World Races, one Volvo Ocean Race, as initiator, sports director and the only Swedish skipper with an overall podium finish in the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-02.


Isabella Lövin

Chair of Stockholm Environment Institute, Former Deputy Prime Minister, and former Minister for the Environment, Sweden

Former Minister for Climate and the Environment and former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Lövin was appointed by the Swedish government to be the new chairperson of the Stockholm Environment Institute board in November 2021.


Anna Luschan

Offshore sailor, The Austrian Ocean Race project

Anna Luschan started sailing on the Austrian lakes in the Alps where she participated in dinghy and skiff sailing when she was younger. Since the beginning of The Austrian Ocean Race Project in 2019 she has been part of this new young offshore-sailing-project.