Live Q&A

We’re all in this Together 1: Racing with Purpose

Moderator: D’amy Steward is a marine ecologist recently graduated from Duke University with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science. She is an avid sailor, having raced Lasers nationally and internationally, and is an EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council alum.


Richard Brisius Race Chairman, The Ocean Race

Mark Towill,  CEO of the 11th Hour Racing Team

Enrique Carlin, Team Sayula II, Whitbread Race 1973

Dr Margaret Ottley, Sports Psychologist, University of West Chester, PA

We’re all in this Together 2: Collaboration

Moderator: Brianna Salvatore Dueck is a former professional basketball player who knows the power of sport to create positive change. She is now a dedicated sport for development ambassador, helping to co-launch a sport for development youth coalition at the UN’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization using sport to address the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Brianna is also a consultant at Nielsen Sports.


Anne Cecile Turner, Director of Sustainability, The Ocean Race

Karen Sack, CEO Ocean Unite

A Healthy Ocean for all

Moderator: Eimear Manning is Ireland’s All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador and holds a Masters degree in Marine Sustainability. She also tags coastal sharks in Miami, Florida.


Michelle Bender, Ocean Rights Manager, Earth Law Centre

Jen Chapman, Belize Country Manager, Blue Ventures - Beyond Conservation

Fatou Ndoye - Deputy Director of the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) North America Office
Ocean Science Communications

Moderator: Lela DeVine is a high school senior and Lab Member of the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Diving since the age of 11, her research focuses on marine pharmacology, and she serves as an EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council Member


Dr Carlie Wiener, Director of Communications & Engagement Strategy, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Philippe Cousteau, Co-founder EarthEcho International, Award winning author and director

Danni Washington, The Ocean Race Summit Host, Founder of Big Blue & You

Blue Tech + Innovation

Moderator: Apurva Iyengar is a 17 year old EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council member from New Jersey, USA. Apurva is the founder of Youth.ify, a youth-led organization that gives otherwise isolated young environmentalists a platform to connect, collaborate and support one another. She is currently taking a gap year from college to further develop Youth.ify, but will be attending Tufts University next fall.


Dr. Mark Baumgartner, Senior Scientist, Biology Dept.,  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Charlie Enright, Skipper & Co-founder of 11th Hour Racing Team

Brennan Phillips, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Ocean Engineering

Bren Smith, Founder of Greenwave