The Ocean Race Summits, Newport

Session 1

We're all in this together!

The Ocean Race is known as the ‘toughest test of a team’ in sport and is the greatest round-the-world challenge in yacht racing. Since 1973 winning the race has been an obsession for many of the best sailors in the world. Teams are built to find every advantage possible in a pure pursuit of excellence.

What can we learn from The Ocean Race and the elite athletes and team-builders who take on this challenge? How can teamwork and winning psychology accelerate the race to restore ocean health?


Session 2

How do we build a healthy ocean for all?

What does it take to build a better world for all, inclusive of nature? How do we accelerate this much needed transformation using nature-based solutions and an integrated, holistic approach? How does restoring ocean health fit into this transformation?

Hear from the leaders of high impact projects who are working to accelerate ocean health and how we can create a sustainable ocean economy for all.

Session 3

Tech & Innovation for the ocean

Technology is changing the world at a phenomenal pace. We have faster access to more data and information than ever before. Can new technologies be put to service in helping to save critically endangered species?

We explore how technology can serve our blue planet and be part of the solution in helping to restore ocean health.

Session 4

The communications gap - relaunching ocean science!

To restore ocean health, we need to understand and act on the science we have, but how do we motivate the masses? Communicating the science well is an essential first step towards mass engagement. With the countdown on to the Decade of Ocean Science, how can we make these communications meaningful for a wide audience? How do we make the invisible visible and relaunch ocean science?

In this session we will challenge the science communicators to discover some of the most effective tactics being used to create positive action for the ocean.

Session 5

United by the Ocean

We are united by one ocean. Regardless of where we live we are all, in fact, ocean citizens. The ocean supports all life on earth and is the blue heart of our planet. What happens in the southern ocean has an effect on our global ocean and our nearby shores. What happens in the polar regions can have a tremendous knock-on effect, impacting everything from climate to the food on our plates.

We explore the importance of joined-up thinking when approaching the task of restoring Ocean health, and how we need to unite behind science and protect what is protecting us.